As close to a sure thing as can be found onstage, 100 minutes of cleverness and comedy that go by in a flash!
The New York Times
Extraordinary entertainment! Don’t walk, don’t run, FLY to see the amazing Karamazovs!
Don’t miss the daffy, talented Karamazov Brothers!
Associated Press
They juggle till they drop, then keep on juggling!
Time Out New York
Whether they’re tossing around tenpins or balls, they do it with such power, skill and grace that it takes on its own rhythmic elegance and beauty!
Daily News
A treat for anyone with a funny bone!
Time Out Kids
Nobody leaves the theater without a big grin!
The Flying Karamazov Brothers are not airborne, Russian or kin. Everything onstage flies in ever more daring patterns, to ever more stunning altitudes, and to ever growing audience delight.
These 4 zany idiots are sensational!
WOR Radio
The Karamazovs deliver visual and verbal one-liners, all while creatively tossing about anything they can get their hands on!”
The Wall Street Journal
Four jugglers tell jokes while keeping all their balls in the air!
The New Yorker
Many a hazardous object will be tossed, flung, spat and hurled between the four!
New York Press
Please catch ‘The Flying Karamazov Brothers’
Cindy Adams, New York Post
Something special… top-notch… they are irresistible.
The Daily Telegraph
Give a hand to the magical merry pranksters who juggle hilarity in an act that does justice to Dostoyevsky!
Jewish Exponent
The Marx Brothers meets the Juilliard String Quartet.
Boston Globe
What kind of show is this? They take your jacket and just throw it?
Jerry Seinfeld (Season 7, Episode 18)
The Flying Karamazov Brothers' show is so much fun that anyone you take to see it will want to go to bed with you.
Bury St. Edmund, Chicago Reader
Lotta jugglin' tonight. It's the Karamazov Brothers’ show.
Dennis Miller, Monday Night Football commentator, describing a bobbled ball by Chiefs wide receiver Derrick Alexander
The Flying Karamazov Brothers are neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire...Marvelously skilled as they are, juggling is to them only a means: their end (and their beginning and their middle) is hilarity...They made me laugh literally till it hurt.
Julius Novick, Village Voice
Wild men who break laws of the universe.
Tom Hodgson, The Mid-Ocean News, Bermuda
They are mesmerizing masterminds of musical meditation and muscle and you mustn't miss their show.
Maureen Peterson, The Gazette of Montreal
In a sense, the Karamazovs juggle their audiences. The spectators respond with gusto. It's one of the happiest and most tumultuous landings of the season!
John Beaufort, Christian Science Monitor
Any competent juggler can defy gravity. Only the Karamazovs can make light of it.
Tim Appelo, Seattle Times
They are as nimble of wit as they are deft of hand and your mouth will open wide in laughter no less than in awe. They handle an audience as cleverly as the cleavers, clubs, knives and other imaginable and unimaginable objects they juggle, and they are as playful and personable as puppy dogs with a hypertropic intelligence. This wholesome show should tickle equally the child with and the child within you.
John Simon, New York magazine
When the Karamazovs magically make juggling look like a dance routine or sound like a jazz jam session, their act really flies.
Frank Rich, The New York Times
Zany! Literate! They resemble a squad of Groucho Marxists.
Jay Sharbutt, Associated Press
Humor, wit and impeccable timing! The Karamazovs manage to generate more drama, excitement and pleasure than found in a lot of the stuff that passes for entertainment nowadays.
Joel Dreyfuss, USA Today
These master jugglers are hilarious. Drop everything and go see them.
Gene Shalit, Today Show
The Flying Karamazov Brothers - those non-Karamazov, non-brothers who've given juggling a new dimension - arrived on Broadway last night and it's pure pleasure.
Judith Crist
What can one say? There is Oedipus at Colonus and King Lear, and then there is the mighty ouvre of The Flying Karamazov Brothers, who share with Sophocles and Shakespeare the distinction of not being able to fly, not being named Karamazov, and not being brothers.
Brenden Gill, The New Yorker
Their self-imposed recipe of good juggling and bad jokes is irresistible to Karamazov addicts such as myself. I think they have a touch of genius to them.... A marvelous mix of the Marx Brothers, Monty Python and 'Hellzapoppin!... A unique entertainment! You have to be there and you should be there as soon as possible. Catch it!
Clive Barnes, New York Post