If you’re looking for adventure, you will find it in Club Sandwich!

In this Flying Karamazov Brothers resurrection, we are transported from Club Sandwich, an exclusive club for juggling-millionaires, to Cairo, a city of hope and despair. It is against this backdrop that a story of imperishable love and greed unfolds; an enthralling saga following nine desperate people, all bound together by the same appointment with destiny.

Club Sandwich is an extravaganza of juggling, music, comedy, acrobatics, and dance all woven together by a thrilling, spellbinding story set in depression-struck New York and the seedy night life of Cairo; a city seething with adventurers, shady antiquities dealers, and home of a sacred map to the long-lost, legendary Clubs of the Pharaohs.

Desperate men. A mysterious femme fatale. A map to the greatest treasure on earth! A show that chronicles the joys and dangers of a quest for juggling's holy grail: the Clubs that Juggle Themselves once belonging to the infamous pharaoh, Tootonkarrot.

Join us on our quest! Follow us on a journey from which only the fearless shall return.