Paul Magid

Co-founded the Flying Karamazov Brothers on April 23, 1973. He is a writer, producer, musician, director, and co-founder of the New Old Time Chautauqua. Paul's has written for the stage for many years. He is tickled pink to be working with his comrades from NANDA. Paul has two daughters who he loves.

Jules Mcevoy

Jules McEvoy has been juggling professionally for the past fifteen years. He loves comedy, dance, theater, and throwing dangerous things into the air. He lives in Bellingham WA with his wife and son. Jules is a founding member of The Bellingham Circus Guild and the Lookout Arts Quarry-two thriving Bellingham organizations supporting local art and community. Jules loves working with others. Maybe that's why he is currently in four different juggling troupes: The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Mud Bay Jugglers, Juggling Jollies and Nanda...or maybe he's just insane.

Tomoki Sage

Born and raised, Tomoki is a person. He has lived all of his life up until now and is currently looking forward to what is happening. All said and done he has enjoyed being a part of things and plans to continue.

Chen Pollina

Chen Pollina is a 6'2 male human being. In addition to being a fool on the stage, he works as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, and general computer nerd. He doesn't really consider himself an actor, but he thinks he's okay at faking it. Then again, he supposes that's all acting really is anyway.

Alan Cohen - Director

Director Alan Cohen has been a part of the British Theatrical Establishment for the past thirty-five years. Working with some of the finest repertory theatres as well as The National Theatre and The English Shakespeare Company. “Club Sandwich” is Alan’s 4th Flying Karamazov Brother production.